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Morph: Love People

There are six billion people in the world. At any given time, we are in relationship with a handful. At times, these relationships bring great joy. At other times, these relationships bring great pain. Truth be told, relationships bring about the best and worst of life. Our greatest joys consistently involve people. Our greatest pains consistently involve people. But what happens when a life is liberated by a love for God? How does love for God impact and influence our love for people? Christ gave two great commandments. First, we are to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. And second, we are to love our neighbors as ourselves. Are these commandments related? Might love of God inspire and equip us to authentically love those around us? How rich might life be if we ever-increasingly knew how to truly love people—not put up with people, not walk over people, not use people or avoid people—but truly love people.

Morph: Love People is an eight week module designed to train participants to authentically love the people in their lives.

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  • We recommend that all groups go through Morph: Love God together first. If your group has not yet experienced the Love God module, consider starting there.
  • Morph: Build Character is also available now. If your group has already experienced the Love God module, consider going through Build Character next.