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Morph FAQs

Who do you do Morph with?
Morph is designed for Small Groups and/or Running Partners. If you’re not already in a small group, or your small group is not interested in going through Morph right now, you can go through Morph by simply finding two people and going through a module together. It need not be a formalized group.

Is Morph for new or seasoned Christ-followers?
Yes. Morph is for new or seasoned Christ-followers. The most critical factor for a rich experience with Morph is a person's hunger to grow. Those genuinely hungry for a deeper and more authentic walk with Christ are good and healthy fit for Morph.

Do groups have to do all four modules? Do they have to do them in a particular order?
Groups sign-up for one module at a time. Currently, only the Love God and Build Character modules are available. The Love God module should be taken before the Build Character module. The remaining two modules will roll-out over this next year and can be done in any order, so long as the Love God module is completed first. They will roll-out in the following order:

  • Love God
  • Build Character
  • Be the Body
  • Love People

What's the time commitment?
Participants should purchase a Morph Binder and Scripture Cards and sign-up for Morph Online with each module. Individually, you will complete weekly readings and exercises and have daily conversations with God throughout the Morph experience. The weekly material is expected to take, on average, about 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. The daily conversations with God will be highly personalized and so time will vary from individual to individual. Beyond the individual prep time, you should be meeting together with your small group on a weekly rhythm.

What is the suggested Small Group rhythm, weekly or bi-monthly?
Small groups are strongly encouraged to meet once every week during the 8-week Morph module. If your group is as small as 3 people, you should meet together every week. If your group is larger than 3 people, your group as a whole is encouraged to meet every other week, and running partner groups (see next FAQ) within the small group are encouraged to meet every other week.

What are Running Partners and how do they work with Morph?
Running Partners are clusters of 2 to 4 people joining together in friendship to encourage each other spiritually as would physical running partners encourage each other in their running. For traditional small groups taking Morph, we suggest Triad Running Partners (groups of three) that form out of the existing group. In other words, on the week opposite the group, you're asked to meet with two others from the group. This is likely new for most groups, so if your group does not currently have Running Partners, don't let that inhibit your participation. Groups are encouraged to not make these Running Partner relationships permanent. Rather, they are encouraged, where possible, to switch them up from time to time (possibly for each module).

What is the cost?
A Morph Binder with and Scripture Cards can be purchased online for $16 + shipping, or in the Gateway Church Resource Center for $15. Scripture Cards alone can be purchased online for $6 + shipping, or in the Gateway Church Resource Center for $5. Registration for Morph Online is free. While you are highly encouraged to purchase pre-printed Morph materials to maximize your overall experience, if cost is prohibitive, free e-versions of all of the content are also available.

Have more questions? E-mail info@morphonline.org or use our Contact Form.

For more detailed information about how to form and design a Morph group and how to use the Morph materials, see the Morph User Guide.