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Morph: Build Character

Without a doubt, most of us look at ourselves and desire varying degrees of change. We see anxiety where we want peace. We see fear where we want courage. We see addiction where we want self-control. Various methods are implemented to actualize this change. We set goals, we get organized, or maybe we make rules for what we will and will not do. Some plans work better than others, but all too often our patterns remain the same. How can we break out? How can we establish new ways of living? How can we experience irreversible life change? Central to Christ’s teaching is a distinction. It’s a distinction he introduced to his earliest followers then taught and wrote about in depth. The distinction is between empowering people to transform rather than insisting that they conform. Transformation – metamorphosis – is change from the inside that moves to our outside. This transformation happens not by applying the latest self-help fad but by understanding and implementing the full richness of Christ’s gospel.

Morph: Build Character is an eight week module designed to train participants for a life of transformation by applying and experiencing their passionate love for God.

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    If your group is new to Morph, start by completing the Morph: Love God module together first. Other modules can be completed in any order.
    Exceptions: If you are new to a group that has already done Morph: Love God (and you have not), then you will want to read the Love God Primer before beginning any of the other modules. This primer includes selected readings from Morph: Love God that provide important context for the overall Morph experience. Many of the exercises in the Build Character, Love People, and Be the Body modules assume prior familiarity with the Love God content. The Love God Primer provides a more direct avenue for acquiring this general familiarity.
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